Is it cool to put apostrophes in hashtags?  Well I just did it so that’s what we’re working with today. Clearly my mind is all over the place….kind of like this morning’s workout.  We crammed three destination decks into one so you got three times the free fitness for the same low cost of $0.  Considering we spent less than 10 minutes in any one spot today, let’s keep the recap quick – Wisconsin notes style –  and then boogey on with our days.  We’re in the no chill zone this week, kicking off Monday strong and hitting the ground running.

Wisconsin Notes:

  • #Neverstopbouncing. Payne thought it was cool to ‘Capozzi’ his ass off during this morning’s bounce.  A few observations:
    • First off – we loved it. It was the perfect mixture of a stormy, sexy, roaring ball of energy stuffed within a small envelope, padded in bubble wrap.  It was EXPLOSIVE.  The echo underneath Circus Bridge certainly didn’t disappoint.
    • NPDC prides themselves on bouncing for longer than their workout. We’re showing them the #mothership is a firey, sexy, beastly dragon that sets the precedent. Boston doesn’t follow.
    • We’re retiring the term ‘hey-OHhhh’ from bounces moving forward. We reached our capita this morning.
    • I’m taking it as a direct challenge.  Payne threw down the gauntlet so start warming up those vocal cords for Wednesday. We’re at the stadium, it’s PR day, and it’s summer. Need I say more?!
  • The deck was actually three decks.  It was a progressive deck location.
    • First we played tree tag.
    • Next was a circuit around Mother’s Rest.  It had mountain climbers, stairs, goose poop, hills, human poop, and squat jumps.
    • Then we made our way to the final spot for 100/100.  Each partner did 100 push-ups and 100 throw downs in whatever order they wanted. Pick your poison. IMG_2397
  • The tribe is good at hide n’ seek. Well sorta…clearly we camouflaged ourselves too well from the few who got lost on their way to the deck this morning.  Some were on top of the bridge, others were across the bridge.  BUUUT we did nail this Hide N’ Seek group photo…


  • Bald Serbians make good trees.
  • Neon is not a good color for hide n’ seek.
  • Elizabeth celebrated her birthday.


We learned some valuable lessons today.  Now that you have all this extra time from a short (eh, not-so-short…what can I say?!) blog, go find your partner from this morning and make sure you get to know this person.  Reach out, let them know they’re awesome, sexy*, badass, inspiring, dirty (I’m looking straight at my computer screen to you WOO), whatever!

Wednesday is PR day.  We’re racing.  We’re sweating.  We’re tagging.  Bring your summer gear to get freshly painted or touched-up.

SUPER IMPORTANT MESSAGE!!! START BRINGING WATER TO THE STADIUM.  Wednesday is supposed to by H-A-W-T-T and we’re still racing. Hydration is cool.

If you’re planning to help out on the #PaintCrew, message EmSauce (Emily Saul) directly, so we make sure we have a “Goldilocks” crew (not too few, not too many, but juuuust the right number of people tagging & helping.)

Keep moving straight until Wednesday, where we’ll move even faster.

Much Love,



*Sexy is the blog word of the day…

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