Weather Odds (YEG)

It was cold and wet but not quite the conditions to hit my everything but day and since there also weren’t any tornadoes Nadim was also present. But the odds were stacked up against attending this morning…it was cold, it was wet, rain was still falling, and, for most of us, it was a holiday Monday. No work to have to go to after the early wake-up, a warm cozy bed just begging for a sleep in, a pj/movie/chips kind of day…not exactly a 5AM, bundle up, run to the workout kind of morning…but…once again the tribe just shows up and even brings new recruits! Amazing!!

As I came upon tribe members running the 1.6 km (that Nadim so helpfully mapped out for the tribe) to the beautifully engineered Fort Edmonton Footbridge I was reminded that anything and everything could be used as a reason to not show up, including an NP ladies night, and yet the tribe, well most of the tribe, held true to a core NP value – no excuses!

I must admit, I am always a little surprised and get a little prouder each time we have a morning like today. On the drive to Fort Edmonton I made these mini bets with myself on how many people would actually show up – I don’t actually bet anything since it is with myself, and because my husband was still sleeping, cozy in our warm bed when I was leaving I was pretty sure he would not appreciate negotiating a bet on how many people would show up on a raining holiday Monday morning (although I could probably win an over/under bet with him as I think he believes we are all a little more than crazy for showing up – maybe I could get a new pair of shoes out of that…hmmm)…but I was betting that we’d have a pretty small crew and once again the tribe proved to me that our community is stronger than anything mother nature can throw our way.

We ran in the rain, we hugged in the rain, we did pushups in the rain, we did burpees in the rain…we did pretty much everything you’d do in a Monday Bridge Wars workout but this morning it was all in the rain.

Thank you for just showing up!! Let’s do it again!

#justshowup 6AM

Wednesday – Commonwealth Stadium – Gate 2

Friday – Walterdale Hill

Until next time…SMILE! J

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