You’re Not Going to Get A Full Hump Out Of Me (SD)


To do list for the last day of 2014:

– Hug. A lot. CHECK.
– Do an excessive amount of perfect burpees. CHECK.
– Sing a-capella in a public place. CHECK.
– Drink coffee. Drink more coffee. HALF CHECK.
– Find a slutty New Years outfit. Wait, what?
– Check off to do lists. CHECK.
– Write lots of reminder sticky notes to NOT show up at the stairs Monday.
– Spend too much time looking at NP photos from today.
– Think of 3 letter names for people. Zoe, Sam, Mac, Cam, Joe, Jon, Tom, Tim, Ray, Dan, Meg, Krl, Pat, Mae, Mat, Tod, Jim, Mom, Dad, Boo, Mic, Jan, Mal, Zac, Kev, Peg, Dom, Don, Luc…
– Take at least one straight face photo. CHECK.
– Listen to me and Ashleigh’s friendship song, California Love by Tupac, on repeat. OBVIOUS CHECK.

And most importantly:

Happy New Year San Diego!

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