Choosing Goals for 2015: Perspective and Focus


We raced up 37 sections: from 37 down to 19, did 19 once, then back up to 37 where DJ Laura Ingalls was crankin’ them beats!

If you set a new Personal Record (a “PR”) you got to ring DC’s cowbell. That’s right, you got to lit-er-ally ring in the new year, courtesy of the DC tribe.

Emily Saul couldn’t run today so she brought an erg. How’s that for keeping her commitment to being fit? When you face setbacks, get creative and keep moving however you can.


It’s been a really big year for the tribe. We’ve seen so many PRs, newbies turned regulars, first full-tours, first marathons, Boston Qualifiers, and first-time Ironmen. I’ve seen people become huggers and “morning people”. I’m truly honored to be a part of this movement and to see how far we can take it in 2015!

We wish you all a very Happy New Year and expect to see you on Friday for hills.

Ready to think about goals for 2015? Read on!






There’s a lot of good talk about goals and resolutions at this time of year. As Emily said, it’s important to write down your SMART resolutions and take measures to complete them. She suggested public commitments and asking for external accountability; she’s brilliant!

Coming up with resolutions can sometimes end up with scattered and unmet goals. Consider taking care to compose your 2015 goals with the same rigor and efficiency you will use to achieve them. Review the impact of 2014 on you, figure out the big goals first, and find ones that drive your passion.



Before setting goals, commit yourself to honestly looking at the raw results of what you have and have not accomplished. What was the effect of your achievements and failures? (Yes, failures are OK.) Ignore the numerical count of checkmarks from 2014; let the effect of the previous year’s accomplishments and failures guide your selection of goals for 2015. Was there anything in 2014 for which you are particularly grateful? How do you want to honor that in 2015?





Take a look at the big picture before choosing specific goals. What are the major facets of your life that you want in the picture? Keep your goals in perspective with gratitude and appreciation for what really matters.

For me, I am driven to be healthy, feel at peace, foster meaningful relationships, and able to provide for self and others. In other words, the important subjects in my picture are: Health, Soul, Relationships, and Basic Needs. Any specific goals I choose must support the bigger picture. It is here that I am mindful to not over-commit my time, heart, and effort.



Consider focusing your goals on internal challenges; practice avoiding the external distractions.

Aim to achieve your best performance possible; use competitors as motivation, but only as much as it is helpful. Following someone else’s goals might not be healthy for your body or mind. Aim to follow your passion and you will find success and fulfillment.


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