your spot on the roster (ORL)


the void that november project fills in each of our lives looks different for everybody. sometimes we show up to get a tough workout in the truly #weatherproof humidity. maybe that gnarly burpee session is a means of escape from the pressures of our work commitments that week. perhaps there’s a need for some quality face time with our friends between hoistees and high fives. it could even be the means of catching the sun’s first rays coming over the lake with our own eyes, instead of through the lens of your social media feed.

whatever the reasons behind it, we make the decision to be part of this larger framework by claiming our spot on this team and being present for whatever happens out on that field. so even after the #gameday trivia warm up, after the pigskin tossing main set, and even after a round of elementary school #redlight #greenlight, we each earned the privilege of building this community one smile at a time. let’s celebrate this!

continue to set big goals and let november project help you get there. keep working on your mental and physical agility and crush your own expectations of what you think you can do. make gratitude and generosity the currency that you exchange with each other. and by all means, continue to recruit, spread that positivity, and reach out to that friend (or stranger) who just might fill that key spot on the roster!


*let’s step out of our comfort zones this september and try something new every day for this month’s HW assignment! show us a unique workout move, amaze us with a new recipe, pick up a new hobby… then document your efforts in a photo or quick video and post it on the np_orl social group.

*we’re recording our quick video greeting for our sister tribe next week. stay tuned for details.

*congrats to lizbeth and hung for their winning #hardCORE #augustHW submissions!

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