History Lesson (YEG)

From time to time, I go back and look at some of the things we’ve accomplished in the past. The NP world moves so fast, that something that happened last week (eg. NP Colouring Contest) can be quickly forgotten. Yet, we don’t always take time to reflect on these amazing, crazy, strange things that could be the highlight of someone’s entire year. So, let’s take today’s blog to go back and look at one of the very early pieces of content that came from November Project.

This is the first video I saw about November Project, and it came out right around the time I saw it. When it was filmed, there was only one tribe, Boston. By the time it was released, Madison and San Francisco were on board and within days, we would join in on the fun. 

So, instead of reading a bunch of words from me, watch the video, because maybe you saw it, or maybe you’ve never come across it. Either way, it’s a good one (and we make fun of it all the time).

Friday – We’ll be at Walterdale Hill at 6am. 

We’ll also be tagging gear for everyone. This is your last opportunity until the spring to get something tagged. So if you’re heading to #NPSUMMIT, Seawheeze, or the Grizzly and want to showoff your team grassroots gear, bring your shirts on Friday. As a reminder, we tag in black and across the chest. No exceptions. Anyone who can help with the tagging crew, come chat with us after the bounce.

Find the Good,

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