Your Speed Does Not Define You (YEG)


Your speed does not define you.


Read that sentence again, stick it in your ear, and pull it out and read it over again whenever you forget it.

If you’re very competitive, you might have raised your eyebrow at that sentence. If you did, go back and read the sentence again until your eyebrow gets tired.

We can talk about the person who run can run a 15 minute 5k all we want. I’d rather hear about what fuels that person. Why are they so quick? Why are they running? That’s more far more telling than a pace and a distance.

Do I get hyped when you someone says “I did 5 hills today!” Absolutely! Am I more hyped when someone tells me they did 12 hills? No, because it’s not really about the 12 or the 5. You don’t get a key to a secret room where only people who run 12 hills can hang out. It’s about the improvement, the effort and the work that has been put in. It’s about saying “I’m going to run 5 hills”, training for it and then, crushing those 5 hills.

Let me be clear. If you have a race goal to run a certain time, that’s great! I actually encourage that. I have those goals myself. But beating that time will never define who I am. Ask yourself why you have that goal. Why is that goal important to you? The answer to that is probably a lot closer to defining who you are. The why is much more inspiring than the what.

Focus on the journey. Set a goal. Make a plan. Adjust that plan. And keep yourself accountable. Achieving that goal shouldn’t be easy. You’re going to need to put in a lot of work . Some days will be easier than others and some days will be a fight. What counts is that you’re giving it everything you got and making sure you are working as best you can on that day.


I’m uncautiously excited about next week.

Monday, we’re going to meet here. It’s going to be tough.

Wednesday – Stadium – My mom is coming. I’m cleaning my room right now so she doesn’t yell at me at the stadium. I’m telling you this to keep me accountable.

Friday – Walterdale – We know you have tons of clothes that need to be tagged. Bring one shirt and we’ll tag it with black spray paint.



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