Bathing in the Gutter.

SHOCKER Alert: It’s finally sunny outside after an overcast and rainy week.  We’re keeping this short and sweet so you can get out and enjoy it before the weather pisses on Boston yet again…

You probably thought this blog post was going to be all about ‘the shocker’?!  (For all of you who decided to sleep in – it’s the workout that made its debut on the overcast hills this morning.)  You probably thought we were going to include some innuendos, act a little childish, and cackle at our own jokes…and you’re 100 percent right.  You know us too well.  Might as well come join us in the gutter, it ain’t so bad in here.

Back to this shocking new workout – you simply run hills.  No different than any other Friday morning on the blossoming hills of Summit Ave.  2 on the front and sneak 1 on the back. Repeat until you get tired.  Shocking, right?

Honestly there was nothing shocking about the actual workout but what was shocking, at least to me, was how a slight mindset or attitude shift can totally revamp our workout, our morning and our day.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many smiles on the hills of Brookline.  (Minus some of the local residents who easily mistook Summit Ave for a bowling alley…)  It’s like you guys were having fun running one of the steepest hills this city has to offer. Weird, right? The weather this weeks been a doozy and could have easily knocked us down but this group always finds a way to LIGHT UP THIS CITY!! For those of you who showed up, these were some hills to remember.

If you didn’t get the reference this morning, it’s alright you still got in a good workout!  We’re not gunna explain it here…it’s not really part of our job description so we’ll let someone else do that. Let’s just say when we explained it today we heard, “Dear God, Em Sauce needs to get back.”  We couldn’t agree more!  She’s making her triumphant return next week!

This tribe is fierce, we’re fast and we don’t take ourselves too seriously.  It’s the perfect combo.  Don’t ever change.


We’ve got a busy week coming up so full steam ahead…

Monday: The Destination Deck on Monday is near Cambridge Side Galleria.  Em Sauce is back plus we’ve got some fun things on tap.  Fun for us at least so hopefully you’ll find them fun too.  #JustShowUp.  Remember Monday’s are a run-deck-run so lace up and run to us, hang with us, then run home.  Bring your twins, your mom, your dad, bring EVERYONE.  It’s gunna be a party.

Wednesday: We’re back to the Coliseum.   5:29am/6:29am.  For all those that creep in at 6:34… set your alarms 5 min earlier.

Friday: “We tie a cape around our neck, and a crown up on our heads.” Speaking of parties, NEXT FRIDAY is PR day AND two very special tribe-wee-one’s birthdays.  Remember how cool it was when you turned 6 and hundreds of your MONSTROUS friends dressed up how you asked and sweat their asses off to celebrate your birthday?!  No?! Well let’s change that and throw down a celebration that Liv Klawiter and Charlie Holt will never forget.  WEAR A CAPE AND A CROWN next Friday.  Get creative with it!  We’ll have prizes for the best dressed, right Mama Holt?!

Next week is gunna be wet and wild.  Enjoy the weekend and catch ya on the flipside.

IMG_9987Much Love,


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