Pick Your Poison (LAX)

November Project isn’t about competition. We try to embrace community at every moment we can and the tribe grows strong because of it.


But a little competition is healthy, just ask Donald Trump. Today we embraced the competitive mindset and went head-to head against our fellow tribesmen. The sprint track was crowded with competitors and it was clear that for many, the ability to push off next to a friend was just the fuel necessary to motivate one another to push it to the limit. Our other option was no joke either. Taking a nice loop around the sprint field, these journeymen and journeywomen took to the muddy trail and crushed their way up and back, working their bodies all throughout.


I was particularly struck by our crowd of traverbals today, something that we always love here in LA. We have the privileged position of being in a major city (and one that’s a great spot for a vacation) so the steady flow of people from the macro-tribe always reminds us that we’re a part of something that’s bigger that even just LA.


The summer months are approaching and weather will start to get warmer and warmer. We’d love to encourage you all to start recruiting again. The tribe gets stronger when this family expands itself. Talk to your friends, grab people on the street, let them know about the awesome fitness group you’re in and the community that is waiting for them every Wednesday at the Hollywood Bowl . Tell them, “Just try it once” and they’ll be hooked. The Hugs are always enough to do the talking.

See you next week Tribe.


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