You Think It’s Hard

You are in the middle of a busy week.  You have a lot to do.  People rely on you, and you’re responsible for things.  You’re busy as fuck.  And THEN you show up to any one of the many free workouts at November Project each week and you’re glad you’re there…a little grateful that you managed the hardest part, which is to just show up.  But then you realize or finally pay attention to the thing we’re doing…Mondays it often involves too many burpees.  Friday it always involves more incline and hill than you think you can handle.  And Wednesdays, like today, it’s all the stairs in the whole wide world channeled into one concrete structure of pain and challenge.  It’s all really hard.

I’m going to say that again.  It’s all hard.  Really hard.

We’re all working hard.  At life.  At training for races.  At training for greater fitness, health, speed, happiness, connection, or fun.  We’re all overcoming challenges, struggling under burdens, working through tough times, and fighting battles.  And we think they’re hard because THEY ARE.

But this blog isn’t about pitying our selves or feeling bad about how hard shit is some days/weeks/months/years.  It’s about not pretending shit is easy.  It’s about putting on a smile and digging in to the hard work, because we are strong enough to work through the hard.  And because we don’t have to do it alone.

This morning one mom said to herself, I won’t let the fact that I have three kids who need to be taken care of prevent me from committing to my own health, well-being, fitness, and connection to a community that matters.  So she asked for help.  She showed up with all those kids and she crushed her full tour.  She finished alone because time had already been called and she didn’t feel sorry for herself.  Was all that hard?  Did she work harder than I will all day just getting herself and three kids to the stadium on a rainy fucking morning that makes most people just curl deeper under the covers?  You bet she did.  And she did it.

This morning one speedy dude decided to try to beat the record for the fastest stadium full tour.  He’s the same dude who set the Frogman1 record just a couple weeks ago.  Is it hard to go as fast as him?  Hell yes it is.  All the rest of us can’t do it.  And just having the courage to try to beat the stadium record, or your own previous record is admirable.  It’s hard to put yourself out there.  It’s hard to believe in yourself sometimes.  BECAUSE IT’S HARD.

Every single day, this tribe and it’s fleet of incredible human beings do hard things.  We’re not weak because we experience these things as hard.  We are gritty, courageous, inspiring, and downright awesome because we are in the battle.  So if your battle is being overwhelmed, busy, out of balance, tired, hungry, injured, afraid, alone, or a word you can’t even utter because it is too hard–remember this.  Keep moving.  Stay in motion and do your very best to keep the motion going forward.  Your forward motion might be fitness, physical therapy, meditation, talking about what’s so hard, or the many other kinds of ways we keep going through the hard.  Remember, like our friend the mom this morning, that you can ask for help.  And you CAN commit to yourself, even when that’s the hardest thing you’ll do.  Remember that you can set lofty goals, regardless of whether you reach them now or later or ever.  Believing in yourself is sometimes the hardest thing you’ll do, but it’s the most important thing.  When you start to forget, think about what you see when you look up during a stadium workout on a Wednesday morning.  Everyone around you is moving.  Sometimes they’re going down and it seems easier, sometimes they’re crushing through the up.  It’s filled with ups and downs, and somehow–together–we just keep moving.

Yup, shit is hard, but the Tribe is Strong.

Congratulations to everyone who worked so hard this morning.  PR day is the day we dare to race our “past selves” and here’s a big shout out to those to found a “faster me” today.  Boom.

Remember: Only 10 days until #WOahMAN 2.0.  May 5, 2017.  4:30 am at the top of Summit Ave.  Come prepared to run, do a full tour, do burpees, and run hills.  We’ll do it all and it will be amazing.  Come be amazing too.

Remember also: Track your race day times in the tracker.  It’s an awesome way to keep track of your PRs and all your times.  Put that shit here

Remember for Friday: There is construction going on at the top of Summit Ave.  We will still meet there.

Final reminder: Next Wednesday will be a new month, so if you PARK AT HARVARD you probably want to get a monthly pass to allow you to park in the lot with more space (rather than the metered spots that fill up quickly).  See details for harvard parking permits here.

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  1. Y’all’s use of the word “fuck” come across as gratuitous. I wonder if there is a more creative way to share the passion.

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