You Inspire (YEG)

Today you ran up and down a hill for 30mins. Pretty simple when you break it down like that.

It continues to amaze me how something as simple as that can mean so much. In the way that you chose to show up you helped better a community. You helped your health. You encouraged others by your presence. You set an example for those around you. You inspired.

In the context of fitness that last one is interesting to me. No matter what happened in your past the actions that you take in those simple 30mins showed others and yourself that you look forward. You progress. You aim to become better than yourself now. Time and consistency are the simple truths of fitness and you inspire people every time you #justshowup.

Thank you for taking the time to inspire me and to inspire us all.

Next week let’s show the world what we have built in Edmonton. 6 years worth of countless stories and experiences brought on by this group. If that’s not worth celebrating then I don’t know what is. Grab your friends, grab someone that hasn’t come out in awhile, grab someone new – let’s inspire others to make the next 6 years even better.

Oh and whats a birthday bash without a goodie bag? On Weds if you would like to participate bring a goodie bag and trade it with someone else (“I like 5cent candies,” says Jen).

Keep being awesome,



Birthday Week is NEXT WEEK – we have celebrations planned for all three workouts (trust us show up)

  • Monday – Emily Murphy Park
  • Wednesday – Commonwealth Stadium (Meet at Gate 2) – Bring a goodie bag to swap if you like.
  • Friday – Walterdale Hill

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