you can never get enough

Here are some things that came to our minds after reflecting about the workout this morning.

Bear crawls, you love to hate em.  Waking up to see that sunrise. WOAH. No other words.  New faces, we love you.  Second, twentieth or fifty sixth timers faces we love you.  Lunges, MEH, goodbye glutes see you in a couple days.  Learning that the statue is a monument.  Visitors and travellers.  This morning was full of sunshine, smiles and some sweet, sweet sweat.




Now although, these photos are captured beautifully and truly showcase the most outstanding city in the world #aintthatthetruth. They would be quiet uninteresting without any people in them.  November Project doesn’t run without YOU or the friend, brother, co-worker or sibling you brought today. It definitely would not be running if you didn’t show up last week.  That’s the truth.  This energetic, positive, hyped on life Wednesday morning ritual is truly a game changer for anyone out there wanting more of their day.  So, have you gotten into the groove of making November Project part of your weekly routine? Why stop there…introduce this groove-love that you have to someone new. Maybe a peer, an aunt, your mom, a colleague who’s to say that they can’t get hooked on this too.  The sky is never the limit.

Here’s to bringing soles together,

Lauren and Liz


  1. WHO ARE you BRINGING NEXT WEEK? Tell us, tell a new friend, shoot us a message let us and everyone know.
  2. Are you interested in partaking in Motionball? Reach out to Katherine Markhauser and/or Jewelia Orlick they are co-captaining a team. The event will take place at Carleton University on Saturday, October 27th. You can find more about the event here
  3. We have BUFFS for sale $5  #winteriscoming
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