In the movie Yes Man, Jim Carrey portrays a negative person who says no to everything. After attending an inspirational conference, he agrees to say “yes” to everything for a year, and once he does, his entire life changes.

When I moved to Chicago from D.C. in June, I was a “maybe” woman.  I had been to Chicago only twice before, knew only one person, and was out of my element in every way. I decided since I was completely changing everything about my life, I had to be a “YES” woman. I had to say YES to any invitation, YES to any networking event, and even YES to any race (#Wootah!), workout, and work-out group in front of me. I had heard amazing things about November Project in D.C. but never went. It was part of my maybe mentality.  When I moved to Chicago, I knew I had to say YES to November Project here.

Celebrations at the NP Summit in #wootah!
Celebrations at the NP Summit in #wootah!

Five months later,

I have never been happier to have said YES.

This group of work-out hungry, crazy-hugging people makes getting up before the sun to run around worth it. There is never a bad attitude. If you are having the worst week ever,  one workout with them will leave you feeling happier and stress free. Getting the positivity award this week reaffirms my decision to have become a YES woman.  It reaffirms that surrounding oneself with the right people makes life a little brighter in any city someone decides to explore.

I am so grateful to have received the positivity award this week and will continue to say YES to every week. Heads up-wings out and see everyone Friday!

~ Candace Brown

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