Veteran’s Day, A Guest Blog – by Eugene Kim of November Project San Diego

This morning at NPSD was just like any other typical NPSD morning – epic. It was a brisk 50, and there were some nerves at 6:20 with only a handful of tribeswomen and men standing around, chatting, hugging. Where is our tribe? Is it too cold?
But things quickly came together. By the 5s, 10s, 20s… Tribe members trickling in, 5 minutes from the bounce, to form what seemed like a mob of hundreds.
Today is Veterans Day. For those of you who don’t know, San Diego is an enormous military community with 95,000 service members stationed throughout the county. And what made this morning that much more special was seeing some of our core members who are previous or current service women and men coming to spend their morning celebrating with us at November Project.
The workout was new, yet familiar. Starting with 9 minutes at the fountain, running, planking, box-jumping, followed by 20 minutes visiting 4 corners of Balboa Park, all of which have hosted many NPSD workouts of their own. Interrupt laps with a full tour of calisthenics around the fountain, and ladies and gentlemen we’ve got a workout!
And it wouldn’t’ve been NP without a proper burnout. Appropriately, as we approach the months of binging and winter bulk, we spent 5 minutes blasting our cores on the “Angelo Abs by Angelo” program.
It. Was. Good.
But more so than the usual, what made this Veteran’s Day workout the experience it was wasn’t the familiar workouts, hills, or places; it was the familiar faces, American Flag Speedos, and man-thigh.
And that, ladies and gentlemen of San Diego – nay, the world – is something this incredible community can never get enough of.
Man-thigh. America.
With all my love,
– #MayhemMonday – Throwback Edition continues with a #destinationdeck at the SD Rowing Club. This is how a DD works: if you live within 3 miles of the workout you run/bike to said workout and run/bike home. If you do not – meet at Fanuel Street Park at 6AM to group run to and from the workout. The workout is a deck. That’s it. So if you don’t run or bike, you will be missing out on the majority of the workout.
– BUFFS – the last day to bring Lauren cash money was today. If you are dying to order a buff, you must contact her and beg for her to show mercy upon your soul.
– Our very own BABE Jenna Van Cleve and DUDE Larry Tran take on Ironman Arizona this weekend. Use the FB comments section to wish THEM luck!
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