Ya Filled Me Bucket!

Thank you NP Canada. You really blew me away with your kindness and literally filled my bucket all morning. It is a gift to be able to see this amazing collection of souls come together every week and even after years of stairs, hills and step forwards, I am still in awe of how cool this simple concept is. There have been stories shared over the years of how this morning workout has changed someone’s life, there are many stories that will not be shared but the impact will never-the-less have been powerful to that individual…and some people are here just for a simple sweat. ;). For me, this group has been an incredibly positive light in my life. It shows me the good in people every morning that I see people give a high five, a quick hug or pat on the back or share a word of encouragement near the end of a hill. When I see the clusters of people having a catch up, planning a race weekend or brunch it warms my heart to know that NP was the vehicle to those friendships. Your gift of sport to the kids at Free Hockey/Footie is the gift of these things I just mentioned. Through sport and team, they will experience this connection with their buddies. I could talk for hours about the value of health, self confidence, inclusion, etc. that sport will bring to them, but really it will be the memories of having a blast with their friends playing a game together that will have the greatest impact. So thank you. Thank you for spreading more goodness than I could ever have imagined when I first brought this group together in Edmonton. You are an amazing group of humans and you’re lighting more people’s lives up than you will ever know.

Happy St.Patricks Day to you all! Patio party over at Polar Park if you’re looking for something to do. ;). oxox

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