The Mondays You Never Know About (BOS 3.18.19)

There are some Mondays that most people never know about. They’re the ones in locations far enough off the beaten path that the fair-weather fans and “only if the workout is right near my house” folks will definitely not be there. There are some Mondays that most people don’t know about because they stayed home, or they got to work early, or they just did other stuff. And those are the Mondays, in my opinion that are so damn worth showing up to. They don’t become the stories that everyone talks about for years to come, but they ARE the workouts that those who were there remember forever and still remember who else was there too. They’re the moments that got shared and they’re somehow special–even though they’re “just a workout in some random location in Boston…” they’re also more than that.

This morning the tribe got into small teams to figure out how to accomplish a whopping number of fitness movements — as a team — while accounting for all kinds of variables like togetherness, speed, strategy, and fun. Some teams took the divide-and-conquer approach, others went with the all-for-one-one-for-all vibe. And everyone worked hard and contributed to their team. No one got left behind, everyone mattered and was valued. And then we scream sang HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Mary Anna and went on to start the week with a different skip in our step and smile on our face because today was a Monday that we know about.

Recalling all this in a blog isn’t about shaming you for not coming–it’s about reminding everyone that all you need to do to know the goodness of these kinds of Mondays is to be a part of them. We want everyone in the whole entire world there. Come know more of these Mondays, because you just kind of have to be there to know how good they are.

next monday

Next Monday will be led by two #CelebrityShot tribe members and they’re so pumped to bring you their energy, ideas, fitness leadership and fun. Definitely definitely show up to support them and get some good ol’ fashioned free fitness.
JUST SHOW UP at 6:29am to: the grass circle between the federal courthouse and the harbor (seaport)…RIGHT HERE

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