Hot Wheels (BOS 3.15.19)

Every now and then we throw out something new, fresh, and HOT for the tribe to dig into.

Today the new workout was called Hot Wheels. You know, like those little cars that you hold down and pull back to somehow “charge up” the wheels? You pull it back, and pull it back, and pull it baaaaaaack…then let it freaking rip. Off it goes, cruising forward like a shot.

So we ran the front hill like Hot Wheels cars. We ran downhill first, just to the first cross-street (at York), and turned & ran as fast as we could up that top stretch of the hill. Then at the playground park at the top, we did 4 burpees, before running that same short loop as fast as we could a total of 4 times. We added 4 burpees each time, so after the final fast lap + 16 burpees…we LET IT RIP down the entire front hill – all the way to Beacon St. – and back up.

I’m not sure if it was the incessant burpees that made the running feel like a relief–or if actually running FAST at the top end of the hill was such a nice change of pace (literally)–or if it was a sight for sore (winter) eyes to have everyone dropping layers like bricks, but no matter the reason, it was fun, fast, and a hot way to enjoy a Friday morning with the tribe, enjoy the balmy weather, and enjoy those HILLS!

monday workout

Monday we’re meeting at Rolling Bridge Park (which is between the South End and Southie) at 6:29am : 3/18. Bring all your friends and SHOW THE FUCK UP!

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