WTF You Crazy Racers

This morning wasn’t meant to be competitive. We were suppose to go for a nice little cross-country-full-frontal combo stroll and repeat it 4 or 6 times. But no, you guys have to race everything. You can’t just go easy and enjoy the brisk morning air and amazing sunrise. Even the dudes that are tapering for various events coming up this weekend went for it (looking at you PET Matt and Turboletti). James Broad brought his sister all the way from San Fran to show her how fast he became since he joined the tribe. She wasn’t impressed and went on to kick his ass multiple times. Come on guys, why can’t you just take it easy!? This whole community workout thing is suppose to be about hugs, high5’s and post-workout beers; not about PR’s, competing, and getting faster.

I bet that 4 person birthday body surf may had something to do with it. I bet that touching Alex’s, Amarynth’s, Luci’s, and Fighter Jet’s birthday celebrating booties got you so fired up that you had to gun it up the hills to calm the nerves down. Well no more pre-workout booty touching… Wait a second… Did we just discovered a new form of PED? Our in-house scientists and researchers will have to continue testing this hypothesis and we’ll get back to you with any new developments.

In the meantime all you racers battling it out this weekend – go fast – with our without booty-touch enhancers. Rest of you great job this week! #WeekendEarned

Our #DestinationDeck location for Monday is at Brigham Circle in front of TGI Friday’s. Yeah, you read that correctly!

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3 Replies to “WTF You Crazy Racers”

  1. You guys are amazing! Happy Birthday Alex’s, Amarynth’s, Luci’s, and FJ! Sorry I keep missing Friday’s I’ve let the “I live too far” excuse take over Summit Hill training. No more! Have a fast weekend!

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