Hello, GoodBye, & UK #PositivityAward.

Happy Monday! This morning, here in Boston, we made our way to the foot of Mission Hill in Roxbury. We had a few newbies, we had a few sad goodbyes, we had a British positivity award, and we even had a birthday “boom!” Even Andrew Ference made a guest appearance.

As you look around the site you’ll notice a few new changes. You will see that each city in the November project nation has its own tab. Please direct your West Coast and Midwest friends to San Francisco and Madison by sending them the link to these individual pages on our website.

You will also notice that there is a new page on how to start a November Project branch. Send that intense rant of purs to your friends who are interested in kicking off another project location. Keep in mind, the leadership thing is not always easy and takes a lot more than just showing up to work out.

We hope you had fun this morning playing “Sharks & Minnows”. We will plan to see you Wednesday and Friday.

The tribe is strong.

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