International visitors, robots, and a lot of pennies

by Laura McCloskey

SF went global this morning when we welcomed multiple Boston visitors, 1 from Ireland, 1 from Hong Kong and 2 who just spent the last couple weeks getting drunk in London (cough, cough, Amy and Braden). In 30 minutes, we fully exhausted every muscle in our bodies, including our brains, which was evident by Laura’s inability to speak in clear sentences. Also, it should be noted that Ben threw up behind the trash can. Something that we must only point out because we love you, Ben. Sam Livermore, time to come home. There was half the enthusiasm and half the high pitched screaming that there normally is. We were lost without you. 143. SF out.

by Dan Graham via telepathic connection

Our yoga warmup was a great way to get the booties in motion. Following some upward and downward dogs we dropped a lot of pennies at Lincoln’s feet – like a full dollar (plus/minus) wort of pennies. To see the photos from this am check out NP_MSN facebook album.

by Bojan the Serbian

Our RobotMan3 workout was a huge success with another great showing of 5:30 and 6:30am groups. Scott Gilroy did Scott Gilroy things and after disassembling his laundry drier showed up in RobotMan3 inspired costume. Harvard grounds crews had to move one of our cars to continue uninterrupted operations which brings us to todays public service announcement. Let’s minimize driving to the stadium to reduce the traffic shitshow that happens before and after the workout. Run (if you don’t live far), ride your bike, or just meet new people in your neighborhoods and put together some carpooling options. This will help us reduce the carbon footprint and introduce us to new faces. If we’re capable of staying quiet before 7am and following the Chris Marshall rule in Brookline, we can figure this shit out!

Happy Wednesday ya’ll!

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4 Replies to “International visitors, robots, and a lot of pennies”

    1. Lauren, announcement wasn’t pointed at you. We just noticed that things are getting out of control and want to get ahead of it before Harvard takes action.

      Thanks for moving your car!

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