Working Out in the Cold (YEG)

Today’s blog was in no way influenced by November Project Boston co-leader, Emily Saul. She is awesome, but we will give no credit to her whatsoever.

Boston is great. It is fun to talk to wonderful people from Boston. And, it will be awesome when the secret location for our Better than Bedtime is actually Boston (longest 5k ever). It will be worth it though, because we will have a great time together.

There’s good in working out in the cold. Yes, there is probably studies that say working out in the cold is better for your ear lobes, but that’s not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about after you are done working out in the cold and you go take a hot shower. And then, if you’re lucky, you can just jump into a bed with clean sheets after? That is the dream. Well, add some delicious waffles because you’re probably hungry after your workout and eat that in in bed? Does it get any better than that? No. It’s heaven. So, if you want to experience the greatest thing ever, you might as well come workout with us in the cold every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. After all, working out in the cold is step 1 to getting to heaven.


Sunday. 2pm. Better than Bedtime. Black and White. B&W. Meet at 117ave and 108 Street. We will be doing slow run (~5k) and ending up at a local restaurant for drinks and food. Plan accordingly. Can’t wait to see you all in the light again.


Monday’s workout will be at Emily Murphy Park.

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