Stranger Danger!

Alright so what I am about to write goes against everything our parents taught us.  Thank god my gram doesn’t know how to use a computer or else I’d be in trouble.

These ‘strangers’ who we’ve been told not to talk to or accept candy from are actually some of the coolest cats in town. So here’s my new philosophy: instead of running from strangers, let’s run TO strangers and show them some NP lovin’.

This tribe is filled with great people. Probably too many good people and I am realizing that more and more everyday. I never would have thought I’d be surrounded by some of the most generous, inspirational people in THIS city and on a daily basis. Would I have gone out of my way to meet all of you outside of this group?  Although I’d love to say yuuup, the truth is probably not. Well that’s not important. What is important is that we have this community and the chance to get to know some pretty awesome strangers three times a week (well, four if you count this week).

For instance this morning.  I also completed the #strangerdanger workout with our core member Brett.  I’ve been trying to chase Brett in the stadium for a while.  He is also one of the key players in making #BetterThanBedtime a reality by donating all the wine from 90+ Cellars. So I knew of Brett but I’ve never really gotten the chance to KNOW him well. Today I ran alongside this beast for a good 30+ min and learned about what he’s all about.  I encourage everyone to do the same. Go hug strangers, meet new people and this city will start looking like a different place.

Todays workout was pretty simple.  Do this:


(Find a stranger, hug them, maybe get their digits and see what they are doing this weekend.  Their answer better be #betterthanbedtime or, believe me, they’re not worth your time)


Avoid this:


(Our boy was absolutely tearing up the hills, but he’s running alone. Just look at that guilty face.)

Or else this:

IMG_8785(Get caught and the burpee police will make you do 10 burpees)

Oh yeah, and I may have cancelled winter this morning.   Don’t listen to what any local #NEWS forecaster says or whats written here, in the farmers almanac.  They only claim to be 80% right.  I’m claiming 100% on this.  Winter is canceled and this perfect fall weather will continue through March…

Monday’s #DestinationDeck is at MIT (Verbal Here).  It’s in front of a pretty iconic building so you shouldn’t miss it and no, #BetterThanBedtime is not an excuse. We’ll have the full #EmCsquared force with the return of C-Payne. Hopefully Em-sauce shows up before 6:29 am this time. Have a GREAAAAT weekend and I’ll see you all Sunday for #BetterThanBedtime!

Much Love,


PS! BETTER THAN BEDTIME INFORMATION.  PLEASE BRING AN ID (for alcohol), CASH (for donations! Although this event is #Free, #EmCsquared did pay a chunk of $$ from our pockets to make this happen.  We would love to simply cover those costs, so any donation is much appreciated) and PHOTO TAKING DEVICE.  Let’s remember this night for the next year, or until our next social event… 😉


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