Boston Better Than Bedtime – Nov 8

Ok Boston.  It’s time to move on from Halloween.  It’s time to get really serious about the next incredibly important event coming up for us.


It’s the light at the end of this week’s tunnel, and it’s the greatest way to both get in a good Sunday run, and some quality social time with the Tribe.  It’s the best way to entice all those reluctant people in your lives (wives, friends, neighbors, parents, children, SOs, live-in weirdos, and random people on the street…not to mention those people you’ve been trying to date but just haven’t had the nerve to ask out) to #JustShowUp that first critical time so they know it’s so not a cult, and it’s so really fun, and it’s so motivating to have a neat little community to workout with and socialize with too.

So, step 1: #RecruitEveryone.  Everyone.  Your dentist, bus driver, best friend, librarian, customer service representative from foreign lands, and the people you see every day who you don’t even realize you see anymore because they blend into your personal landscape.  And those NP friends who you used to see, but haven’t seen in a while.  Get them all to come because today is the day.  Technically, Sunday is the day, but why wait for another reason, another day, another anything and let’s get dressed up, let’s get a little sweaty, and then let’s get weird.

Here is everything you need to know.  If you’re Captain Questions and you still have more queries, read the following info again and then decide if you really really still have questions.  (We’ll answer those)

Better Than Bedtime is a run-to-social put on by November Project in all 26 cities in North America. The idea is simple: Meet in some random part of town dressed in the theme gear. Run, as a group (2-5 miles) to a destination that nobody in the tribe knows. That’s right, this will be a follow-the-leader situation. Once you and your tribe arrive to this pre-arranged bar/house party/location, we’ll all raise a glass to your Co-Leaders and fellow members of your November Project tribe for working as hard as we all do each week (all while 25 other cities are doing the same thing on the exact same night all around the continent).

Below are the main details you’ll want to know about BEFORE you begin asking questions.

WHAT: A social run to a hidden/secret party as the destination. You’ll have no clue where you’re going. Party & socialize with your tribe. Look weird the whole time. Simple. We call this event Better Than Bedtime.

WHEN: Sunday, November 8th.  We will bounce at section 37 at 4:54pm.

  • The social will go from 6-9pm.  There will be beer, wine, and water.

WEAR: The general theme for the 2015 Better Than Bedtime event in all 26 cities is “black & white.” The Boston specific theme is “yin & yang.” Get inspired, get creative, just get dressed up, costumed up…everyone will be doing it and you won’t regret it.  Go solo, find a two-sie, group it up, whatever your pleasure.

WHERE: Meet at section 37 of Harvard Stadium.  You know, the same place we meet every Wednesday morning.

  • The run will be roughly 3-5 miles, which your loving, thoughtful, amazing, (weird) co-leaders have designed for you.

WHERE TO PARK: Please, please do not park at Harvard.  We do on Wed mornings, but we’re outta there in an hour.  We do NOT have permission to park a shit ton of cars there, and if you do, you are responsible for paying for parking at the meters for the entire time you park.  We like to stay on good terms with Harvard.  We encourage you to take public transportation both because the T is easily accessible from the Social destination, and because if you drink a little bit at the social, you will be responsibly and safely arriving home that night!

WHY: Because we don’t get enough minutes to socialize with this amazing tribe before, during, and after the workouts.

WHO: This event isn’t for November Project members only. In fact, for all of your “I’m not a morning person” people in your life, this can be a great way to try NP.  See Step 1 above.

HYPE: When laying out your costume, getting inspired around your city, training for the run, training for the social, heading over to the meeting place, or even AT the event itself, use ONLY black & white photos when you post to social media along with #BetterThanBedtime and #YinYangBOS.  Also tag @novemberprojectbos and @novemberproject.

Start now.  Do it all week! (this will make other tribes very jealous they are not in Boston and excited for their own BTB)

HISTORY: Last year, 2013, and 2012 were very solid. Click here for our 2014 buzz.

BRING: Your ID.  Alcohol will only be served to those over 21, who have shown legal ID.

  • Some cash.  The event is, you guessed it…FREE.  No cover charge or tickets.  But if you want to kindly donate some dollars to help cover the costs of this amazing event and help out your co-leaders who have fronted $ to make it happen, we will be passing the hat. Totally optional, and much appreciated.


  • Can bike, can’t run?: There will be a bike gang for those who cannot run, but are able to bike.  Plan on that.  Still meet at Harvard, bring a bike lock and wear a helmet!
  • Can run, but not that far?: Anyone who can run up to a mile, still meet at Harvard.  We will then tell you a meeting spot that you will go to from the stadium and the run group will meet you there for the last 1 mile.
  • Can’t run, can’t bike?: If you’re truly injured and can’t run or bike and you’re really interested in helping out with set up for the event, we need a small team of people.  Message me (Emily) to let me know you would like to volunteer.  Everyone else who is inured, still meet at the stadium and make plans to be able to get to the destination from there.  You can do Injury Deck in costume, and we will notify you where to go before 6pm.


  • BTB is not an excuse to miss Monday’s (Nov 9th) Destination Deck.  The location for the deck will be announced, as usual, on Friday.
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