What’s #BetterThanBedtime?

Our first annual #BetterThanBedtime is here and it’s definitely something to get excited about.  Please see below for everything you need to know.  And then some.

Better Than Bedtime is a run-to-social put on by November Project in all 26 cities across North America. The idea is simple: Meet in some random part of town dressed in the theme gear. Run, as a group (2-5 miles) to a destination that nobody in the tribe knows. That’s right, this will be a follow-the-leader situation. Once you and your tribe arrive to this pre-arranged bar/house party/location, we’ll all raise a glass to your Co-Leaders and fellow members of your November Project tribe for working as hard as we all do each week (all while 25 other cities are doing the same thing on the exact same night all around the continent).

Review: Gather in the evening. Run with no clue where you’re going. Party & socialize with your tribe. Look weird the whole time. Simple. Below are the main details you’ll want to know about BEFORE you begin asking questions.

WHAT: A social run to a secret location where we’ll enjoy libations, conversations, and physical interactions.

WHEN: Sunday, November 8th at 3:00pm

WHERE: Brooks Trailhead – 3400 Stone Way North #2, Seattle, WA 98103

WEAR: The general theme for #BetterThanBedtime across 26 cities is “Black & White.”  In Seattle, because we’re all a little different and that’s how we like it, we’re sticking to our guns: #BeWeird (interpret and execute in your own weird way)

WHY: Our Wednesday mornings are awesome, but we all know that’s not enough time to socialize and get to know one another every week.  Get to know your co-leaders, fellow tribe members, and show those newcomers why November Project is the greatest fucking gift we’ve all been given.

WHO: Everyone.  Adults, children, dogs, cats.  The ending location is FAMILY FRIENDLY and we hope you’ll bring along your significant others, little ones, and four-legged friends.

This event IS NOT for November Project members only.  In fact, we encourage those who have ever muttered the words, “I’m not a morning person,” “I have meetings at 6:29am,” “it’s kind of intimidating,” or “it’s not even November, I don’t get it” to #JustShowUp.  We want to show everyone what November Project is all about.  Come one.  Come all.

HYPE: This is probably the most important piece to make this successful.  When laying out your costume, getting inspired around your city, heading over to the meeting place, or even AT the event itself, make sure you post ONLY black & photos and of course use #BetterThanBedtime.


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