With a Twist (LAX)

We decided to put a little twist on the workout today, meaning every single thing we did involved twisting. DSC08274NP Los Angeles-0096

Burpee and jump turn. Sit ups and leg raises with twists at the top. Low shuffles twisting to touch the opposite foot.

NP Los Angeles-0078

Like I said, lots o’ twists! Even running between the stations involved lots of twists and turns. What WASN’T a twist was the badass werk that the tribe put into their Friday morning. But y’all already know we go hard and have stupid amounts of fun doing so… what are you waiting for at this point?

NP Los Angeles-0123

And just as a PS, only in Beverly Hills would there be giant fucking Koi fish swimming an a fountain filled to the brim with water. We’re not in a drought, or anything!

NP Los Angeles-0112

Do great, LA


Did you like that location? Did you know it was suggested to us by a member of the tribe? Email novemberprojectLAX@gmail.com with your suggestions for Friday destinations and we may just go there. Actually there’s a really good chance we’ll go there. Unless it’s in the valley, no one goes there.



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