Wisdoms of Friday

On Monday, we are meeting at Lincoln Park near Cory Clarke Donuts in Somerville. This will be a very special workout by Evan. Find out the exact location here and verbal.

Today, the weather was perfect for a great hill breakfast. We ran up and down on the front side of Summit Avenue all the way to Beacon Street and back up, spiced it up with ninja stairs all the way to Beacon Street and back up again, and topped it off with 10 push-ups before we went for a repeat. Remember to record your reps in the same link where you found out the Monday location.

There were 4 beautiful ladies who were born on this day. I sang them happy birthday with my impeccable Mexican accent. It was so emotional that 2 of them could not hold in their tears.


We will end this blog post with some wisdoms of Friday. #WeekendEarned #SeeYouOnMonday #FuckYeah

  • Marry someone who has a different favorite cereal than you so they won’t eat all of yours.
  • Never celebrate too early! Especially if your opponents are Serbian (referring to the basketball game at the end of the YouTube video below):


  • Ok, if your name is Molly Huddle, you are awesome, and you are letting another American (who is also awesome and returning from a long injury) pass you in an international competition, then you can..


  • While we are on the topic, if things don’t go the way you wanted in a major event you cared so much, don’t whine, don’t be disappointed. Just be classy, and say: “I’ll get them next week!”


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  1. Deniz, your posts are always a great way to start the day – wisdom indeed, to remind us how we should approach everything 🙂 thank you!

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