Winterpeg Pride

Wisconsin notes: This morning was awesome. You people are awesome.  Derrick is awesome.  Nothing special to note in the below blog post except a whole bunch of awesome.  Track your P.R. from today, and create an account to sign the waiver (if you haven’t already). It takes 5 seconds and helps to ensure that we can keep this workout free and fierce for years to come!  See you next week – same bat place, same bat channel.

I’m sure many of you have probably seen the big news from last week – our city has been identified by a small and insignificant publication (the National Geographic) as one of the top 20 places to visit in the world in 2016. THE. WORLD. Yes, you read that right. Turns out that while the rest of Canada has been busy laughing at us when we say we live in Winnipeg, we’ve been busy building a vibrant community, hustling to make this city a sweet place to live.  And I for one am damn proud of it.

For as long as I can remember caring about this stuff, Winnipeg has plagued itself with a serious inferiority complex. A constant, unending drone of the same old stories:  its too cold here, why bother visiting? What do we really have to offer – the Forks? There’s just nothing to do here – other cities have so much more to do… I’m so bored in Winnipeg and I can’t wait to leave!

Over the last couple years we have witnessed the dawn of a new era in Winnipeg and the attitude shift has been incredible to watch. Whats happening this weekend – meet me at the Forks, cause there’s bound to be something super exciting going on.  Looking for something unique to try? Show me one other city that eats gourmet dinners on a frozen river, proudly lines up in -40 wearing plaid and costumes of fur trading years gone past to listen to the best up and coming bands the country has to offer, and owns the cold winter months with a warm cider, a little bit of sand on the roads and a giant smile through a glowing ice beard.


Once we got over our inferiority complex we realized that the winter is actually the best part of living in Winnipeg, and what truly puts us on the map.  Nothing has driven this fact home more for me than seeing 100 of your smiling faces gathering around for an incredible bounce at 6:14 am this morning.  Ya, it was cold and icey.  Ya, you could have stayed home in bed and went about your day.  Fuck that though – Winnipegers own the winter, its what puts us on the map and we are glad to be here. I have learned many times over the last year and a half not to underestimate the power of the tribe – the power of the collective badass-ness of Winnipegers – and I am now supremely confident that we can crush through this coming winter with a strong and consistently growing crew.  This is our time, our season, we are #weatherproof and we love this shit.


With the positivity award this morning we’ve got our boy Derrick, who has been out every week since hearing about NP at the end of the summer – but it feels like a lot longer than that.  Derrick and his group of die-hard friends bring their a-game, recruit week in and week out, and instantly become part of the family. We look forward to seeing big things from this young tribe member and we know he’s one of the badass ones that will truck it out with us all winter.  Cheers, friend!

Winnipeg – you cold?


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