Commitment to Excellence (SEA)

Listen, I get it.  PR Day isn’t everyone’s favorite workout.  For some of you that are more competitive in nature, it’s an opportunity to race yourself, your workout buddy, or a stranger who has a strong cadence that day.  For others, it’s another day at Gas Works Park and the route will get done in due time.  In due time.  The beauty of this movement is that exact polarization.

Every individual that shows up to these workouts comes for a different reason.  For some of you, it’s the hugs you get when you arrive and the camaraderie you leave with.  For others, it’s the fierce workouts we hit early early in the morning and the sweat you take home with you.  Maybe (just maybe) there are a handful of folks who have some lucky co-ed they’ve had their eye on and the thought of seeing them in the morning is what gets them out of bed… But what do I know?  The point is, we all do it.  Every week.  Some workouts are fun and collaborative, others are miserable and personal, but they’re all exactly as hard as we make them.  If you haven’t noticed yet, there will never be someone at Gas Works Park on Wednesdays telling you you’re not working hard enough, or doing enough reps, or even doing something wrong.  The whole objective is, has been, and always will be simple and consistent: #JustShowUp.

Being the lucky ones chosen to lead this group badass motherfuckers, Kelsey and I are fortunate enough to watch the growth within the tribe.  Each week, we’re bigger, faster, stronger and have more stamina than we did the week before.  While our Wednesdays are tough, I know we’re not making the physical strides we’re making by working out one day a week.  It’s clear that our Wednesday mornings are transcending an active lifestyle.  You’re all committed to a life of health and wellness, committed to community and above all else, committed to excellence.

I’m proud to lead this tribe and I look forward to seeing what we’re capable of.

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  1. Not gonna lie, today was a push, but I’m so grateful for the energy and the commitment that November Project brings out of me. I wouldn’t have pushed as hard if I didn’t have Liz kicking my butt. Every week I’m proud to say I’m a member of this tribe and to show up with so many others who are just as jazzed and proud. Cheers to you and Kelsey for kicking our asses week after week, and for making it tougher than hell and more fun that I ever thought a workout could be. Your dedication is unsurpassable.

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