Winter Cities Kickoff (YEG)

This morning was special for so many reasons. One of those reasons is because Pat finally got to show us his rhythmic gymnastics routine at the top of the statue. It is a little known fact that he has aspired to represent Canada in the Olympics in rhythmic gymnastics and has tried to qualify for many years. We keep telling him that it’s a summer olympic thing, but he keeps going to the winter olympic tryouts. #keephopealive



28:19 day is when do a spot check on your progress in the past month. I can safely say (safety first) that today was one of the fastest that we have ever had. The tribe is strong. I love being there when people crush their PRs.

Tomorrow we are doing a special workout at Churchill Square at 6am. This is one that you won’t want to miss.

Friday we will be at Gallagher Park.



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  1. Haha WOW Nadim!! Even sorrier now that I missed Wednesday. I’ve gone to the Y with Pat for years and not seen his rhythmic side at all! I’ll keep a closer eye out. 

    Today was a blast in the square, CBC sure knows who NP is now!! BOOM!

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