Morning Magic (DEN)

In response to last weeks post by Chad “C^3” Christoff, the Lieutenant took the opportunity this morning to shake up the routine a bit. By now, the #NP5280 tribe is accustomed to a quick-to-business PR Clover day, as to not skim our 35-minute time allotment, so today we tried something new, whether it was on purpose of not.

There were many new and exciting happenings this morning that kept the tribe on their toes, literally. For instance, Lieutenant Dan forgot to execute the Bounce. Lieutenant Dan also forgot to lead the holler back sequence of “Good Morning”. Lieutenant Dan then forgot to welcome newbies and traverballers. To add insult to injury, Lieutenant Dan even forgot to bring his phone to play gangster rap music for his beautiful friends. And finally, he forgot to hand out November Project Buffs to those who pre-paid for them. That said, Lieutenant Dan remembered to give the 530A group the opportunity to transfer the positivity award to the 615 group. They did not.

Oh well, little did the tribe know that this was all a carefully crafted test to remind us to appreciate the little things in life that make us happy, and to not take anything for granted. The relationships, the adventures, the opportunities that we have in life are gifts.

Be true, be special,

Lieutenant #FastAsSam

  • FRI 615A ONLY: Governor’s Park (7th & Pennsylvania, Denver). Bring a friend, meet a friend, wear a cat shirt. #RecruitMoreRacers #JustShowUp
  • Track your PR performance.
  • : #NP_Homework, WIN #FREE SWAG, due 1/31.
November Project Denver
November Project Denver – 530A
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