Winter Blues?

NP_Worldwide announcement: We celebrate a lot of things at NP, especially when we have incredible members of our worldwide tribe who have made profound positive impacts on their local tribe from the very beginning.  Last week, NP_LA lost one of it’s badass, original members after a 17 month long battle with brain cancer.  We are inviting anyone who can, to wear grey on Wednesday, in honor of Sean Early’s life and brain cancer awareness, and to show Boston’s support of the tribe in LA and all our friends there.  To read more about Sean from Orrin Whalen, the founder of NP_LA and a good friend of Sean’s, look here.

And now back to our regular programming.

Hey friends.  All of you out there reading the NP_BOS blog, we had a workout this morning and some of you were there but more of you were not there.  We know this because #math.  And we know it’s easy to feel the winter blues…the dreary cold and gray months where nothing, absolutely nothing inspires us to get out of bed before the sun comes up.  But here are three good reasons to get up, lace up, run out your door, and head to NP on Mondays for the next 5 weeks…which will only get us that much closer to spring, warm weather, and early sunrises.

REASON #1 to show up for the next 5 Mondays

Today really was a winter blues morning.  See photographic evidence before the lights went off.  When you show up, you get to see dope things in our city like this.


REASON #2 to show up for the next 5 Mondays

On the last MONDAY of this month (next week), we will have surprise…



We all know that EmC2 are okayyyyy, but we also know that our tribe is filled with incredible human beings with awesome ideas, strong leadership, goofiness, and dreams for all of our fitness.  So we’re giving them a shot.  Call it the Celebrity Shot.  Two tribe members will step up next Monday, Jan 28 to lead the bounce, give us a workout,* celebrate birthdays, take the photos, scream “have a great day!” and entertain us with a blog. EmC2 will be running, burpeeing, and hustling right along next to you, like little kiddos on Christmas morning.  So make sure you plan to come.  And this is a day for the history books…make sure everyone is there to see what crazy shit goes down.

REASON #3 to show up for the next 5 Mondays

The FEBRUARY DESTINATION DECK location will be in one spot all month long, to make #JustShowingUp that much easier for everyone.  You know how it’s cold? AND dark? AND early? AND tricky to navigate & find new places in the city in the winter?  Well…we can’t do shit about the cold and the dark.  And we’re always gonna show up early so we can start our day of in the very best way.  But we can make it easier to find the spot by going to the same location every week.  So stay tuned for the location to drop and make plans to get there.  Hell, recruiting gets that much easier when you tell people the spot is easy to find and easy to get back to each week!

BONUS REASON to show up for the next 5 Mondays

There will be an NP social in February, on a Friday evening.  Just remember that you have more fun at workouts when you know people, and the more you show up to workouts, the more people you have to socialize with.  This is also a good way to get your non-morning people friends to come meet some good human beings…who they might also want to work out with in the mornings.

So, I guess that settles it, see you all on Monday…all the way until March!

*History tells us that it will be a fierce as fuck workout, because the first time anyone designs a workout they put in every. single. idea. they’ve ever had.  All the things.  We can’t wait.

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