Winners Announced!! (YEG)

…on Sunday at the social. Sorry a bit clickbait-y but it got your attention didn’t it lol. At 9:30am join us on zoom, we’ll have some light activities planned to connect you with your community members and then we’ll announce the winners from this month’s challenge. Remember there will be a prize not only for total reps but also for how you have been engaging over the last month. Best of luck to everyone!

We are hearing that you are liking the team structure of this month’s challenge so we are going to give it another go in Feb. If Jan was all about working the muscles below the belt then it’s only fair that we work the ones above next. We’ll change the structure of the workouts a little so that we can manage getting through a full 30min workout (i.e. breaks and cardio included). We’ll explain more during the social and in subsequent social media posts. If you have questions as always feel free to reach out to us.

We’ve see a lot of connections over last month and especially with this recently cold spell I think we need that kind of thing even more. Please feel free to sign up for the Feb Challenge here:

We’ll also make sure that you are teamed up with new people in Feb so that you can continue to meet new/old friends!

Here are the current tallies over the past week:

These total rep counts do not include today, January 20 (you have until 11:59pm tonight!).

See you Sunday and keep being awesome!



  • #FreeTheBuffs …. when they get here
  • We’re hosting a January NP social on Sunday January 31 at 9:30am-
  • #togetherbutapart team challenge for February – SIGN UP IS LIVE

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