Win the morning, win the day (YOW)

You know that feeling you get when it’s 7am and you’re walking away from the NP workout, feeling like your morning was fulfilling and you quickly forget how hard it was to wake up? Or that 2 times a year you wake up for the sunrise and think about how beautiful the world is how much you can see when you’re awake when most people are asleep? You think to yourself every time like you should do that more often? Well this morning thing is something real and you CAN make it happen more than twice a year and with other people at that. If you win the morning, you win the day.

I’ve recently had a number of conversations with people about how much being up early and working out in the morning has changed my days and my weeks. I used to wake up around 7/730, have a slow start to the morning and get moving on with the day. I did enjoy this time to myself and ease into the day, but now that I’ve experienced morning workouts, I don’t think I’ll go back. Even at 7am, it’s still hard to wake up, but I think when you wake up to the sound of your alarm, your body is probably not really ready to get up. I now start my days 2 hours earlier. It’s still hard to wake up at 5am, but not any harder than 7/730.


If you’ve considered more early mornings in your week, or want to make a change, 6:29am on Wednesdays is a good way to start. What if you did it more often than just Wednesdays? Likely many of you already do. And if you don’t, you may be surprised how much your body appreciates the consistency. It takes your body a bit of time to adjust- give yourself a few days, even a few weeks and you’ll notice how ready you are to start the day.  You may find yourself that much more awake, energized, happy, positive and all the good things good. Plus you’ve given yourself more hours in the day to get all the other things done in your life! What would you do with 2 extra hours a day? How many more hours and day does that mean over a lifetime? We have just this one life to live- find ways to make it great every day.

Here is an article written with some input from Co-founder Brogan Graham about morning running.

Special things this morning include sweaty hugs and high fives before, during, after the workout, learning how to take a photo on the stairs (and having to climb more stairs after climbing a bunch of stairs), new faces and new people from last week- many of whom brought new people with them! Find 1 person with whom you can share this special Wednesday thing that you do. Can you bring them next week? Sometimes all it means is showing up- we had 2.5 year old Lily and her dad Neil join us after seeing a bunch of wild humans every Wednesday morning from their window. Those steps are BIG when you’re 2.5!

Thank you for sharing your morning, your time and your energy with us. We are glad you’re here.

Here’s to bringing “soles” together

Liz and Lauren



  • Next week location: TD place/Lansdowne, PR DAY
  • Also next week: July 11 at 6:30pm “The Crate Escape” is a street touring, story-telling series by NOVEMBER PROJECT using the most time-tested entertainment to bring people together; personal stories told LIVE. Wednesday, July 11 it will be an experience you will not forget. Sign up below for your FREE spot. Spaces will fill up- No fee, just a shared human experience. Expect the unexpected, the sharing of stories from around this community. up!
  • Read a blog from another city and have a wonderful day


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