Crack. Sizzle. Boom. 7/4/18

Well, well, well. Another Wednesday in the books! If this isn’t the best day of your week YET, today may have proved that wrong.

Here’s what went down in Brooklyn to kick off the a little mid-week holiday here in the states; Independence Day.


  • We split the tribe into 5 groups for 5 stations
    • (4th) Started at LOOPS: Sprint uphill, jog downhill. Then, reverse.
    • (J) Started at ARMS: Partner Push-Ups x 4 then switch partners, then Jumping-Jacks.
    • (U) Started at LEGS: HOISTEES x 4 then switch partners, then Lunges.
    • (L) Started at CORE: Partner Leg Throws x 7 then switch partners, then Super Humans.
    • (Y) Started at TOTAL BODY: BOJANS x 7 then switch partners, then Star Jumps.
  • We put the timer on the clock for 2-3 mins / station
    • Round 1: Learn the moves and get to know your group.
    • Round 2: Crush the moves and motivate your group.
    • Round 1: Egg. Toss.
    • Round 2: Water. Balloon. Fight.

Special thanks to Abby, Dan, Reid, Jeremy, Remi aka Snack Extraordinaire for bringing the FOURTH to life.

Thanks to everyone who showed up to start off the holiday building this community.

+ Stay tuned for the post from Abby to our social page #NP_BK LOUNGE for our July activities

+ #RecruitingInJuly Blog Post coming to you on Friday with all the details





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