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-Dragon Boating August 16th 6am

-Guest Leaders Jess and Andrew so get ready for some lunges

-Sunrise 6K August 30

Willie’s First Blog.

Start Blog.

Today was a tough one! We got back to the Oodena circle and rocked out the clock. We can thank the OG’s Rick and Tom for making those pretty much super duper hard, every hand of the clock ya hit. Especially when you get a couple RPS loses in the mix. My strategy today was always go rock. It didn’t go as planned. Please fill me in on your strategy as getting stuck on the ol’ Bojan’s are tough. I can’t decide which is more tough, the Bo or the Jan’s.

Bo and Jan
Break for Dog Picture
Bob and offspring

Bob received the positivity award today. Bob is very smiley and always at maximum volume. He has been coming since last winter very consistently and I think has fallen in love with the whole NP feeling that ya get. To be completly honest the first couple weeks he was coming I had no idea this was Megan’s father, I thought Bill had finally recruited one of his retired buddy’s. I should’ve guessed that this wasn’t the case as we can definitly see where Megan gets her spirit and positive energy from. Bob we’re glad you are here and please keep rocking the grassroots gear on T-shirts older than I am.

Break for Doggo’s. Good Doggo’s.

Katrina passed the Shabooya award to the well deserving Riley. Riley was the king of dog breaks today and definitely never not had a smile on his face. His birthday is tomorrow. BOOM. Riley embodies the aura of November Project in it’s whole. Somedays are meant for givin’ er, some days are meant to support everyone around you and make a difference in their day. Riley we are glad you are here.

Definition of High 10!

Thank you Kyla and Marina from Motion Ball for thinking of us! They’ve given us the opportunity to be involved in the Marathon of Sport September 15! Check it out!! https://www.motionball.com/events/2019-motionball-marathon-of-sport-winnipeg/

Who is really in charge here
This looks like fun we should do this soon

August 16th is Dragonboating at the paddling club. Our quest for 100 people floating in Dragon Boats at 6am is gunna happen this year I can feel it. Honestly I can’t think of a better way to start day. Floating is fun. So lets go for a float and see how much “competative” we can get out of the Page’s at 6am.

Meeting of the Minds for all the Npvember Project Co-Leaders start today in Seattle. This means a COUPLE of guest leaders are taking over Friday at the Legislative building!!

This has been a fun Blog.

End Blog.

-William RIchard

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