Wicka Wicka NP [MTL]

• Lauren comin’ at you with the social and social media (and also with today’s deadly deck)
• The aforementioned deadly deck
• Fire drills and near-pukes
• Sign up for the MTL 5k/10k/half Sept 23-24!
• October’s workouts will be back to the Old Port

This is Lauren:

She’s originally from NP Edmonton and has been with us in Montreal for exactly a year. Lauren is enthusiastic and organized, she is energetic and creative, mostly she is a great new flame under mine and Derek’s asses. What does this mean? It means that any grand improvements in NP MTL’s social media are thanks to her quick wit and quicker fingers. It also means that you can expect to see some fresh new socials coming at you. If you showed up this morning then you would additionally know that it means DECKS.

So, normally I do about half the workout. I exert until it’s uncomfortable and then I take pictures of you all, crack a few jokes, or change the exercise. Today, Lauren led the main drill and after about 3 “fire drills” up the stairs I almost puked. FYI. So shout out to all of you for giving your all every. single. Wednesday. DAMN.

And now for a series of photos of people jumping for joy because of how much they love NP. Definitely NOT pictures of people doing burpees. DEFINITELY.

Huh? Our name is
What? Our name is
Who? Our name is
Wicka wicka NP

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