The sun will come out…TODAY

Maybe not everyone pays as much attention to this as Rebecca and Alex do, but it’s been a very warm and sunny summer in Oakland…EXCEPT ON WEDNESDAY MORNINGS.

When BG and Laura came to NP OAK’s first workout in May, we told them what to expect in Oakland: sunshine. We East Bay-ers love to tell our San Francisco friends how much warmer and brighter it is on our side of the bridge.

So of course, it rained that first morning. And since then, it has been overcast EVERY SINGLE Wednesday morning. And you know what? That’s fine. NP is weatherproof. We don’t need warm weather or sunrises to vibe on community fitness, laughs, and high-fives. (We are also aware how incredibly temperate the Bay is compared to many of our fellow NP cities. Whatever we can complain about the sky too.) 

So it was pretty glorious to finally watch a sunrise during the workout today.

Not that we gave the tribe much time to revel in it. Today was full of racing, relays, jumping jacks, hoistees, and more. As usual, the tribe SHOWED UP. 

And that’s great, because it is still RECRUITMENT MONTH here at NP OAK. Stoked to see so many new faces this morning! Team Green narrowed its points deficit considerably this week. As it stands now, Team Green has 173 points and Team Yellow has 192 points.

A final word of congrats to our very own JESSICA AVVA. Jessica won the Positivity Award this morning, and holy crap does she deserve it. Jessica has been showing up since our East Bay Free Fitness days (dig her #vintage shirt) and organizes rungang from Berkeley every single week. Her commitment to running and to creative rungang photos is already such an elemental part of NP OAK. We were thrilled to give her the award she so emphatically earned.


RECRUITMENT MONTH: Don’t forget about the Recruitment Challenge spreadsheet.

SUMMIT: Alex and Rebecca are leaving on a jet plane! (Well, two different jet planes.) The sixth November Project Summit is finally here. This weekend, at Kettle Moraine State Park in Wisconsin, hundreds of November Project members from around the world will gather to run around on trails. Expect lots of stories and #content in the next week. Check out this awesome video from last year’s Summit (via Dooster).

ECS CA: For those who couldn’t make it to Wisconsin this week, don’t worry: The North Face Endurance Challenge Series is also coming to California in November. 

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