Why don’t we do it in the road?

Sometimes we meet on the tops of mountains. Sometimes we meet next to the ocean. Sometimes we meet in parks.

Sometimes we meet in the middle of the road.


In terms of recruitment, we’re always looking for new places we can go and find new folks to join us, and today we might as well have had a billboard. Meeting in the median of a busy street is definitely a way to get some attention. And this workout, though simple, wasn’t easy by any means.


Tara told me a story about Orrin today that I think was great. Tara once said to him “Man, I wish we were doing _____ today.” or “I wish this hill was a little harder.” and Orrin’s response was, “Well, you could always push yourself harder.” And boy is he right. Whatever your level, however you’re equipped, you can always push yourself, that’s something nobody can take from you. We are certainly a tribe and a tribe works together, but as well as having a relationship to the outside world, we all have a relationship with ourselves. There’s voices in each of our heads that tell us ‘Just stop’, ‘What’s the use?’ , ‘Who cares if I try hard?’ and those voices are hard to handle. One sad but important truth is that they never really go away, you can just hope to learn the kind of conversation to have with them. And that’s an important thing that we’re also training here at NP; a way of saying “Thanks but no thanks. I’m going to bust my ass.”


Ever notice that you tend to identify more with the voice that says ‘Thanks but no thanks.’? The one that says, ‘I want to stop but instead I’ll keep going.” or ‘I’m going to prove to myself that I can achieve something far beyond what I thought I could’ is the one that seems to be the voice that YOU are speaking with. That’s because we, by nature, are badass, positive beings who would rather get better than worse. Every day that you #justshowup with your tribe you’re saying ‘I’m more interested in being a better version of myself than _______ (sleeping in, staying alone, lacking confidence, proving someone wrong, proving myself right) and I want that for you too’. We push ourselves because we want our lives to be better and that’s what NP does. It’s a community that has spread all over the world because that’s its mission.

IMG_6298 Let’s continue to work hard as individuals but to be there as a group. It’s that dynamic that makes this amazing network of communities. I thank you all for your continued hard work and you should thank yourselves too, because you deserve it.

Do great LA.



NP MIXER: WED 6/29 – 8 pm @ Moonlight Rollerway

  • $9.75 if you pay Ryan in advance, $15 at the door, unlimited roller skating revelry

SUNRISE 6K: FRI 7/8 – 5:27/6:27 am @ Santa Monica Pier

  • Race your face off against the rest of the NP tribes. Get a dope tag for said racing. Drop your verbal on the tracker now!

NP YOGA: MON 7/11 – 6:30am @ Modo Yoga LA

  • Email Alice@modoyogala.com with VERBAL in the subject line to reserve your spot. DON’T BE LATE as the class starts at 6:30 sharp and latecomers are not permitted into the studio.

NP SUMMIT: JULY 15 – 17, Blue Mountain, Ontario

  • A marathon relay through the mountains with the entire world of November Project present. Get on a team, get your plane tickets, and see you there! Don’t forget promo code NPON25 for 25% off registration.

YEARBOOK PHOTOS: WED 7/20 – 5:27/6:27 am

  • Wear your #grassrootsgear and get the best headshot you’ll own all year. Yeah, even you actors. Theme coming soon!


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