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530 early worms
                                                                                        530 early worms

Dear Abby,

I’ve been feeling a bit lethargic, lazy, and oddly attracted to tubs of cream cheese lately.  My doc said it’s just the 24 hour gym blues and that I need a change in my routine, but it’s so safe, clean, and mind-numbingly boring that I’m afraid to take the leap.  Help!

Feeling Fat in Philadelphia

Dear Feeling Fat,

I know exactly what you mean!  I, too, was once a victim of seasonal resolution disorder and swam routinely in puddles of my own self-loathing and cream cheese.  That is until I found this group of amazing people involved with this thing called November Project.  Now I have friends without lids or expiration dates and I’m actually excited to wake up in the morning and work out!  Find them.  NOW!

Love, Abby


Dear Abby,

I’m not a big runner, but I like working out – I just get bored doing the same old things all the time.  I need a swift kick in the pants to jump start my workout routine so I’ll have my bikini body ready by the time Matthew Sellen notices me!

Dating in Denver

Dear Dating,

Girl, I heard that!  It’s still January, but sunshine and booty shorts are right around the corner!  Word on the street is that Matthew is a legs/butt/smile/not-a-horrible-person kind of guy.  If you’ve got the last 2 down, #justshowup to November Project-Denver on Wednesday and Friday mornings.  I personally guarantee one of the best hugs you’ll ever have, while simultaneously resting your head on his more than ample deltoids.

Love, Abby


Dear Abby,

I just moved to San Francisco and I don’t really know anyone.  Paying $100,000/year for a mattress on the floor of a stranger’s studio doesn’t leave me with a lot of extra spending money to go out and meet people.  It also doesn’t leave me with a lot of sleep, as the tender love making sessions between said stranger and his lady get quite boisterous, especially during their “San Francisco Treat” position.  I need a cheap (free) way to meet people and get out of my studio.  Help!

Treated and Tired in SF

Dear Treated,

Ouch!  That’s for the rent and the “San Francisco Treat.”  I’ll tell you when you’re older.  If quivering in the corner of a cold shower hasn’t solved your problem, there’s only one solution left – November Project.  It’s a FREE, grassroots fitness movement for all shapes, sizes, ages, and abilities geared toward fitness and building a more positive community/universe.  #Justshowup and we’ll find you a new roommate who doesn’t force you to listen to their sexcapades.

Love, Abby



  • We ran PR clovers today with a whole crop full-a rookies!

Keep recruiting your friends!  Someone else deserves this beautiful thing just as much as you do!


FRI: Ruby Hill Park 530/615

Happy Hour Run: Fri 630p @ Vine Street Pub

Cupid’s Undie Run, promo code: YALLGOOD

615 Swagmaster's Classic
                                                                                  615 Swagmaster’s Classic
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