Hello from the other side (SD)

This post is being written from the other (re: not fun) side of the injury deck.


This morning you guys raced PR day. You GOT to race PR day. You were lucky enough to be able to run up and down that hill, do countless burpees, dry heave, and sweat.

You didn’t HAVE to do it. You GOT to do it.

We take our health for granted. Not until something is wrong, from something as simple as a barnacle injury to something more devastating like a disease, do we realize how much we take our health for granted. And only then do we take a step back and realize how often we find ourselves saying things like: UGH, I hate this workout, burpees are the worst, etc.

But once you stand on the other side, even if it’s just for a short period of time, you realize how lucky you have been. You realize how quickly you’d trade your bandaids or crutches for that other person’s running shoes, sweat, and vomit reflex.

And this applies to the rest of our lives too, right? How often do we say things like “ugh I HATE being stuck in traffic” or “I totally don’t want to go to work today.” But there are people who would trade positions with you in a heartbeat just to be able to even have a car that could be stuck in traffic or a job where they could make money.

The way we think and talk becomes our actions. Remember that every time you find yourself mindlessly saying those “ugh” sentences. Maybe instead you replace that thought or sentence with something like “ahh, I’m thankful I get to do _________ today.” Change your intention, change your energy, change your life.


Somewhere along the line this blog post turned into more of a closing to a yoga class. Deal with it. It’s good shit.

Be happy, be strong, be bright, be positive, and still #bereallyreallypretty San Diego!



– THIS FRIDAY, #NPYoga! Practical Karate, wear #grassrootsgear, by donation, 7-8AM. 

– #MayhemMonday in February happens at Motorboat Pond. Every Monday, same time. We tag this Monday!

– #MileChallenge goes down Tuesday at Pt. Loma Nazarene University track. First heat goes of at 6:30AM sharp, so get there early enough to warm up and then run your fastest mile ever!


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One Reply to “Hello from the other side (SD)”

  1. Lauren. 

    So true! Thanks for pushing us out of comfort zones. You, Angelo and Ashleigh really put us through our paces! But you make it fun too! So glad you guys found me!!


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