The Shoveling Episode- BAL

Go shovel someone else’s sidewalk. Shovel their driveway. Shovel their front stoop.

Then, don’t say anything about it. Never mention it to them. Just go about your day.

This morning, well,  that was not really your sidewalk. You shoveled for almost an hour, interspersed with some very damp burpees and maybe a few lobbed snowballs. But honestly, you didn’t have to shovel anything, you could have just stayed home and come back next week, never knowing that the stairs were covered in ice a week before. That’s fine, we would have welcomed  you back with open arms.

But for those of you that showed up this morning ( I’m going to lump in everyone that was stuck in Baltimore’s plowing/traffic madness) we’re happy you did. I’m happy because in between the rest of the city  bitching about their parking spots and launching lawn chairs at each other over un-shoveled sidewalks, a whole bunch of you came to Rash field and helped us clean up.

People throw around the word community too lightly I think. You hear it all over the place as if any group of people who happen to do something together is a community. Community isn’t something you can fabricate or manipulate. It’s not something you can set out to create. It’s something that really only comes about after a lot of hard work and a lot of days spent helping each other “shovel snow.”

That may  not make any sense, but just believe me. Go shovel someone’s walk out if you have the time and capability. Go start a snowball fight with some neighborhood kids. Go sledding with your neighbors.


Then wait.




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