Let There Be Light!

Guys, we saw the sun this morning, that’s HUGE.

This morning was colder than everyone prepared for …so obviously we started the morning by doing some ridiculous outward-high-knee bouncing accompanied with dropping down onto our stomachs and rolling onto our backs in the snow repeatedly. Right? Yeah. After this stupid but awesome kick off, we warmed up down-field (hill, really) and wound up down at the bottom of memorial bridge hill.


The Bermuda Triangle workout was on the docket this morning meaning that 1.) There were three parts to the workout (hence the triangle), and 2.) That someone was bound to get lost in it and not know when to switch it up.


For the first 12 minutes, we plowed up memorial bridge hill, did 2 (4,6,8,etc.) burpees and came back down on repeat. After 12 minutes, a cowbell sounded and we took off towards the Stone Arch hill for the second 12 minutes. At the top of the Stone Arch hill we did 4 flying Dutchmen (HUH!) and came back down to hop-rock, hopped off of it, and repeated until the cowbell sounded again. Once the cowbell was heard for the second time, we took off up the Stone Arch hill and all the way across the bridge. The first person to reach the other side rounded up the rest of the tribe as they crossed the bridge and we made our way back together as one big group.


Photos were taken as the sun stretches its arms to wake up for the day and the positivity award was given to tribe member Aaron. Aaron is a newer tribe member but he comes each week and he comes in between shifts as a paramedic. The dude works until 5:30am, leaves work to WORKOUT, and then returns at 10:30! Talk about badass. That’s all she wrote!



BUFFS ARE IN! 5 dollars cash (exact change please, we ain’t no bank). More will be available NEXT WEDNESDAY, NOT FRIDAY

FRIDAY’S WORKOUT IS AT THE PARK BY THE MINNESOTA INSTITUTE OF ARTS! It’s near Loring Park, it’s a cool area, look for the pin drop!!!

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