Who IS THAT?!?

Hype hype hype.

Was this morning fun?! Absolutely.

Did the linger-crew stay and play kickball? Maybe…

Am I going to talk about it?! Not really.

Except to say–we gathered a bunch of water in a bucket and dumped it on our birthday friends’ heads. Sorry Woo.

Cool? Cool.

Now, onto Wednesday…


Most of you know this day ’cause every year BG used to wake up at 3am just to get enough hair gel on his dome before the 530 group hit their first stair. He knew–as many of you already do–that this photo was about to be his profile picture on Facebook for the next 6-12 months. These photos kick ass ‘cause they show how stupid and silly we are. How we’re able to laugh at ourselves. That we ARE having more fun than anyone else in town, and that well–just how good looking we are.

The point is, you neeeeeeed to be at the stadium Wednesday morning. The November Project community NEEDS you to be there. We need to know how cool you are. How funny and creative you are. How hot you are. And most importantly?

What your damn name is!

We do a lot of “Good morning—I’m glad you’re here”s, but let’s be honest. It’s still early as balls when we bounce, and sometimes names get forgotten. But on yearbook photo day?! All of a sudden, you have 100s of photos, with a name plugged in right next to a face. All of a sudden, you can find out who that hot dude in those tiny-quad-flashing-shorts is that just flew past you. You can confidently use that chick’s name who you always thought was cute, but you learned her name 3 months ago and you’re too afraid to ask again. Yes, this IS a dating service. Yes, there WILL be babies. And yes, you should talk to [insert name here] if you think they’re kinda–like–totally–maybe cool/cute/fast/awesome.

Right now you’re probably thinking–wait a minute–did Derek Zoolander teach us nothing!? Ok. Fine. The other other best part about yearbook photos is all of a sudden the internet is plastered with November Project hype. 300 profile pictures all change on one day, and all of our friends feel just a little more inclined to come check out the madness. It’s happening. We know that this is all about community, and getting to know people better, not just ’cause they’re good looking, but because the party is always better with more people. So get them there. The party starts at 5:29am We will be there. Will you? We hope certainly hope so…

Much Love,
– C. Payne

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