It. Was. A. Scorcher.

That’s right, ladies and gents. By 6:29 AM, we had already hit a whopping 70+ degrees here in beautiful San Diego. But regardless of how bad the conditions get, our spirits are never dampened at NPSD.

Jokes aside, the group was intimate, but the energy was fierce.

Like the animals that we are, we bear crawled, bunny hopped, and of course ran some signature Soledad hill repeats with penalty burpees in the sprint zone. DON’T GET TAGGED!


But in the midst of all the hard work and craziness, I encouraged people to stop at the top of the monument to take in the breathtaking view. Because I think even as you grind away during your morning sweat sesh, it’s important to take a moment and remember your love for this city and why you get up this early to hug sweaty strangers. Today we talked about accountability – and looking around, appreciating your fellow man, and being present for one another is such a big part of building this community… beyond November Project.

We’re not just the city with the hard workouts that make Sam, formerly of November Project DC, saying, “Shit. You guys don’t mess around.” But we’re also the city with the love and camaraderie that make anonymous visitors like Mitch from San Francisco saying, “your tribe has the best vibes.”

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is what NPSD is all about.

Nice hustle out there. Be bright, San Diego.



The actually very important blah blah blah stuff you should be paying attention to:

Wednesday: Meeting in Balboa Park at the Bea Evanson Fountain in between the Science Center and Natural History Museum.

YearBook Photos: THEME: #weatherspoof – get as sarcastic as you’d like with this one (umbrella? Winter hat? Mittens? Galoshes?)  Wednesday, July 6th.  We’re going for 250 people! So LET’S BLOW THIS UP!

SunRise 6K:  Monday, July 11th – 6:29AM – Crystal Pier

SIGN UP FOR SUMMIT – Renew those passports, or get one. Because we’re hauling out to Ontario, Canada, North America. Details in this blog post. And members are already actively planning stuff in this Facebook group.



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  1. Hello!  A San Diego Newspaper would love to speak to you about your amazing workouts!  Would a rep of the San Diego group please contact me so we can have a chat?  Thank you!! Jenny 

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