Who is the #NPicefairy? (YEG)

The stairs were cool this morning, but let’s just focus on the ice sculpture at the top. How does one create such beauty out of water? How many hours/days/years would it take to make this? Can I lick it? The precision on the maple leaf is impressive. More impressive than the fact that we didn’t break it during the workout this morning.


Was this a random act of kindness? Or perhaps there is someone behind all of this. I’m going to put all my efforts into unmasking this mysterious “ice fairy”. I have so many unanswered questions about this. Did the #NPicefairy grow up in Alberta like Wolverine? Is the #NPicefairy with Marvel or DC? Does the #NPicefairy have any other superpowers? Let’s talk about costumes. I’m guessing it was designed by Cinna and is a lot lighter than Mr Freeze’s outfit. Are there wings? The legend of the #NPicefairy grows.

If I ever manage to find out the true identity of this #NPicefairy, I may never reveal it. After all, keeping this something so important is a great responsibility. I wouldn’t want to put the fairy’s family in any danger by revealing the fairy’s identity.

Or maybe I already know who did it?

That is a secret I’ll never tell.


Gossip Girl.. wait.. what?


Sunrise6k is days away! We can’t wait to put our times up against the rest of the #NP17.



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