Talladega Mornings (SD)


Daytona 500, more like Daytona 5 Billion. While burning rubber like Jeff Gordon and smiling like that creepy clown on your grandmas TV stand, y’all should be poppin bottles and celebrating the fact that you successfully jumped head first over the mid-week hump, and ya did it with flare! Today we dubbed our full tour The Talladega. Are you confused? Rick Bobby isn’t. In fact, Rick Bobby is damn proud to call ya’ll a fine bunch of neon sporting ‘Mericans this morning. From the bare knuckles, Speedway Race to the finish, and the Lion King worthy stampede sprint that kicked it off, we proved that fast cars don’t mean shit when it comes to #worldtakeover and just plain being awesome.
Be Happy. Be Strong. Be BRIGHT SD!
Super Important, but Boring Announcements:
1. Remember – on Wednesdays, bring only what you can carry!
2. Pablo Picasso is not welcome
3. I have no more announcements.


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