The Clock Works (DEN)

What would you do if James Naismith, the Creator of the sport called, Basketball, just showed up to your playground to play hoops with you? Would you step back in awe, toss him the ball and offer to rebound for him? Or would you clench the ball with both palms and challenge Sir Naismith to a one-on-one battle to 10? Well, Dr. Naismith is dead, so this would never happen to you, but today in the hard-scrabble, frost-covered fields of Denver, the Creator showed up, and the NP5280 tribe challenged.

The workout was the “Clock Works”, including 12-Stations, 8-decks of saturated cards, and a 5.5-acre playground affectionately know as Civic Center Park.  The Creator is Sir Brogan P Graham, formerly of the Huskie region of Bostonia. The#NP5280 tribe showed up, fueled by our founding father’s natural 5AM enthusiasm, and threw down a sick-savage workout that professional athletes from Boulder would be envious of.

Here’s some background info for those of you who successfully #justshowup to your tribe on any given day: Three-and-a-half years ago, two large dudes in Boston figured out how to use Google Docs. End of Story. Yes, seriously. 

In creating November Project, these boys effectively filled a void among the general population of normal humans by fusing free-fitness with accountability with community with meteorology. Life as we know it has been revolutionized by a spreadsheet. Yada, yada, yada, a year-and-a-half-ago your LieutenantGeneral brought the teachings of Sir BG and Godfather Bojan to the Mile High City, and your #NP5280 tribe has been flourishing ever since. Now with 16-tribal cities represented throughout North America, and with new tribes pledging to join the movement this spring,  things are quite swimmingly in November Project land as a global network of amazing personalities is being fused. #GameOn 

The files are in the computer,

Lt. Flannieletti

TONITE (2/11) 630P at Ace (501 East 17th Avenue, Denver) Impromptu Happy Hour with your tribe, traverballers, & night hawk wannabees.

FRI (2/13) 530/615A: Stairs of Paradise on the Convention Center Stairs (Speer & Champa). Parking sucks, run or ride.

FRI (2/20) 530/6A: Sunrise 6K at Cheesman Park !!! Let’s confirm that we are the Fittest, Fastest, Firmest Tribe, of all the Tribes.


November Project Denver 530A
November Project Denver 530A
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