Where Has Your Gym Taken You? (DC)

Today we took the the National Gallery of Art for our 6:30 am free fitness overload. In theme with today’s guest blog post, take a second to think about that: tourists from all over the world come to these iconic locations that we have become burpee friendly with and we do it every week. We are turning our city into our playground and will continue to do so until the world doesn’t need more community and/or free fitness. Take it away, Katie Courtin. 


Wednesday November 19th marked my first anniversary with November Project.  Upon realizing that (on Tuesday night) I started to think back on the year (and revisit it through Facebook pictures, naturally).

I reflected on all the reasons I have kept coming back to NP for a year.  It’s a long list of reasons, and it’s the same sort of things I tell people when I try to convince them they should give NP a try: you will meet incredible people, it’s a great way to keep yourself accountable, it’s a great way to start your day, hugging isn’t that bad, you will see so many great places in your city.  A lot of these are intangible–hard to really prove to someone unfamiliar with the Project.  The last one, however, I decided I could put a little hard evidence behind and really demonstrate why NP is neat and different.

So I made a list.  I really like lists.  But I’ll spare you the list, because it’s lengthy and because I turned the list into a map.  And I REALLY like maps.

Screen Shot 2014-11-21 at 10.29.07 AM


This is a map of where NP has taken us in the past year, since the dawn of the DC destination deck one snowy January morning in Thomas Circle.  It has taken us all over this city to places we have really gotten familiar with, not just passed on a run or on a bike ride.  We’ve gotten down in the dirt, snow, ice, and concrete at these places.  When we see these places again we remember wheelbarrowing with Scott around the FDR monument, fireman carrying Maggie in front of Union Station, sprinting past the cheetah that was staring us down at the National Zoo, bear crawling around Farragut Square to the quizzical looks of pedestrians on their way to work, etc. etc. There are memories associated with all these places, some weird, but all happy.  Very happy.

So when you’re trying to explain to a recruit why NP is worth a try, maybe show them this map, and ask them: “where has your gym taken you this year?”




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