Arnold Palmer (DCA)

Here’s the rundown:

We’ve now incorporated three sports into our workouts: (a) Tennis – The McEnroe, (b) Swim Practice, and (c) Golf – The Arnold Palmer. Breaking out a new workout is always fun and it’s even better when everyone likes it. What’s the premise of the Arnold Palmer, you say? Start off with some lemonade, break with some spice(d rum?), finish with some sweet tea. Ok, so that doesn’t really tell you much but the idea behind it is to stay warm by continuous movement. Here’s the recipe from today:

First sub-freezing day

+ 11 total layers

+ hips-in hugs

+ 1 Arnold Palmer

= Another awesome morning at November Project DC. 

If you still don’t feel like you missed out, let me create some more FOMO: the sunrise was probably the BEST I’VE SEEN ALL YEAR.

Lastly, we put our hands on the air (thanks Carl)

IMG_5168 copy

Stay warm out there, DC.


FRIDAY, 6:30AM: National Gallery of Art, Mall Side #EarnYourWeekend



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