When the Brit is Out of Town

Sam was out of town this week so I had the tribe all to myself muahahaha. Schadenfreude is a think a great term to describe how I feel when we plan these work outs for you guys. It means finding joy in the suffering of others. This Wednesday ‘s workout was definitely no shortage of that. I heard a few “Micchhheeelllleeee, I am dying” which is basically music to my ears, pat on the back, a job well done. The workout was a whole body mix with stairs, crabs walks and planks, all my favs !!!  Some highlights from the morning :

-“Good morning, GOOD MORNING, How y’all doing …blank stares…… This was totally done on purpose guys, I swear 😉

– We started off with a little rock/paper/scissor battle. Ended with Charlotte and Taylor facing off in an INTENSE finale. Ms Taylor Whittamore came out victorious dethroning the two time champ Steph


-We had a surprise visitor, CLAIRE !!!!! Absolutely lovely to have her back !!!


-Sadly we had to say goodbye to Steph who has been an ever welcoming face of the tribe since near the beginning. The Seattle tribe will be gaining a truly incredible member. We will  miss you Steph!

I am so sorry Steph this is the best I took, I will work on picture taking skills for next time we meet!!

-More pics of you fabulous people:

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Finally: Our fearless leader Sam was off exploring the west coast and repping us well at NP Vancouver (I am not just talking those buns of steal, have you seen his #Np_homework??), But he CRUSHED PR day. I’m not going to brag but he MAY have had the top score !! So if we can’t be top San Francisco at the NP summit my friends, we at least have our eyes on the other Canadian tribes !!

Hope you all have a splendid week!

Lesson of the day:


(I get great amusement/joy in picturing you all attempt to say this. It’s like another schadenfreude in itself. Speaking british is a sufferage. JUST KIDDING SAMUEL!! We missed you, please get your pale, tea loving butt back here !!!)

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